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The Reset Sessions

A series of sessions designed to dive deep, heal core issues, and uncover what needs to be cleared and shifted in your neurobiological code in order to take your life, relationships and business to the next level. This is therapy +, using integrative tools to expand beyond talk therapy and provide deep holistic care. 

6 calls to dive right in..

  • Full presence Full potency
  • Trauma informed for healing CORE issues 
  • Using EMDR to encode and clear your nervous system 

Personal: Look into the core pieces of your own neurobiological code and how you are able to fully magnetize your truth, clear out of your own way, and finally shift those stories that continue to repeat. 

Relationship: Look into your relationship patterns, whether single or coupled up explore the why behind our struggles with belonging and how to show up in TRUE presence 

Professional: Set the foundation to maximize your impact and to actually LOVE every bit of what you do. Understand your business from a trauma informed perspective and be able to shift your team, clients and colleagues with deeper understanding and knowledge. 

This is an offer that breaks the mold on therapy and gets right to the point. 

This is the first step in unlocking your code to success 


This is the next step, you're investing in YOU. It all begins here.

- Coco