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The Business Vortex

I know you are so sick and tired of trying to get different results and not feeling like anything is changing.

You signed up for the course, listened and took notes, you follow all the inspirational people and yet you are still in the same space you were at the beginning, hustling, chasing and repeating the same cycles.

Or worse. Frozen solid willing yourself to make a move.

You didn't leave your 9-5 to recreate a new one that is overtaking your life and pulling you away from the things you love most. 

You became an entrepreneur to CHANGE the status quo.

To make a new path and transform your life into something YOU LOVE. You want to be free and still make a ton of money, while also inspiring and shifting the lives of your clients.

To do this, you actually need to know how to set the boundary AND clear your body when one is crossed.

Don't pretend that being perfect is even an option, in fact at the end of the day people will trigger you and you will have your boundaries challenged.

It's what you do IN THAT MOMENT that determines how you feel.

You will be successful and be FREE to enjoy it. 

  • No longer are you facing the same spiralling questions of what if
  • No longer are you sabotaging the success before you even get to enjoy it
  • No longer are you facing the same lesson on boundaries over and over

This is the unique combination of therapy AND mentorship that revolutionizes the way you do business.

Through my unique method of utilizing EMDR +  BREATHWORK + DIRECT MENTORSHIP 

I am the coach AND the therapist. 

I will clear your shit and then ignite you beyond it 🚀