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All purchases are final: no refunds are provided. Coco is not offering therapeutic advice, she is providing information and wisdom based in her coaching and mentoring not as a clinical therapist. 


Wanting to dive in deeper and discover the freedom and ease that comes from being a Boundary Boss? 

Come check out this 6 video course + a bonus workbook on discovering your boundaries and HOW to actually set and hold them today. 

Go from Reactive to Responsive

I've broken it down into 3 Easy Steps to go from Reactive to Responsive:

- Why your body is so reactive and where it comes from

- What are the 3 steps you can take to move into a responsive state 


What's included? 

2 exclusive video trainings

A meditation to listen to when you feel reactive & will immediately reset you


What People Are Saying:

Coco's videos get right to the point and give me direction when I kept going in circles and not understanding why. I love her easy and direct language and style.