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Pause the Panic

3 tools to stop a panic attack and reset you back to zero

Are you tired of having your life run by your fear & anxiety?

Constantly preparing for the moment when you will have your next panic attack and not knowing how or when it will happen?

Are you ready for a simple path to stopping the panic? 

A tool to shift your nervous system right now and return to a sense of peace and calm?

This min course 3 video series is here to give you the tools you need to pause the panic and control of your life back.


Video One:

  •  Demonstrates how to ground yourself as you feel the symptoms of panic coming on. 
  • Walks you through the tool step by step as if you had a therapist on speed dial for the moments you need support the most
  • A clear way to shift your mind and body back to stable, calm and anchored


Video Two: 

  • How to manage a panic attack that is already rising and keep it from escalating
  • A tool you can use with yourself or someone you are supporting as their anxiety is rising
  • Learn to shift from fear of panic to trusting your body to be triggered, then actually listen and calm down


Video Three:

  • Ride the wave of a panic attack and see it shortened to half the time 
  • Relearn how to use your nervous system to heal and clear the panic from your body
  • Return to a place of empowerment and calm rather than a spiral of panic that doesn't stop

This course will leave you feeling prepared and ready to take on any fear or trigger with confidence, peace and a foundational level of self-trust. 


Reclaim your life and pause the panic today.