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Rewrite your Future

With Own Your Story


Own Your Story is 90-day group therapeutic reset for fed-up women ready to work through their sh*t, break free from burnout, and feel grounded in their emotions, relationships and self


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Own Your Story

a 90 day therapeutic reset

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Have you

                                                          gone to talk therapy, maybe even for years, but you just haven’t been able to make any real breakthroughs or changes? 

You’ve tried mindfulness. You’ve tried meditations. You’ve grounded yourself more times than you can count, but you still find the same patterns showing up in your life... 

It could be that you haven’t considered a very real, yet very sneaky root cause: 

You haven’t healed your unhealthy patterns at the source. 

Because here’s the truth: disruptive behaviors & habits don’t always stem from serious abuse or violence for it to be disruptive in your life.  

With my background as a licensed trauma therapist, I’ll help you dig deep to the root cause of why you’re overwhelmed with your emotions & empower you with the knowledge & accountability to rewrite and manage these stories.

What if I told you that, after spending 90 days together, you could:


✔️ Discover why you have the patterns you do by identifying the source in your past stories 

✔️ Understand how your nervous system keeps you from making changes (even if you KNOW it’s what you need to do)

✔️ Find balance between the roles you play and where you WANT to give your energy 

✔️ Step into your signature method for speaking your truth & holding boundaries in your relationships

✔️ Feel safe, seen & accepted in a community of like-minded women

The stories you tell yourself shape your present moment.

What’s the story you’re telling?

How it Works

Find the Origin


Together, we’ll dive deep into your background and past “I am” stories to identify the source of your repeated behaviors, habits, patterns & cycles.


Identify the Present



Equipped with this new knowledge and awareness of your past self, we’ll unpack your present reality and get brutally honest with what doesn’t align in YOUR story.



Create Space

for More


Empowered with your enhanced connection to your body, you’ll build a strong, loving and authentic foundation to support you in committing to this new story.


“By organizing root causes of my behavior and trauma methodically, and no longer seeing my armor as a badge of honor, but as a dead weight, I got so much more than talk therapy ever gave me. I don’t want to stop!” - Jamie



What We Cover 


How your “I Am” stories are formed & how to change them.

Internal self-defence mechanisms & roles we take on to protect ourselves subconsciously

Flowing with your unique cycle to create balance in your life, both internally and externally

The neuroscience & understanding behind WHY you do what you do and how your nervous system stops you from finding growth

Disconnecting your identity from the reactions you have 

Understanding that setting boundaries is more than just limiting work hours, it’s limiting the influence of others 

Separating your identity from previous traumatic experiences & choosing who you want to be instead


What's Included


✔️ Access to the Own Your Story online course platform with 12 weeks of guided videos, tools & resources

✔️ 2  1 Hour weekly group coaching calls for genuine connection with like minded women

✔️ A personalized guided workbook

✔️Training calls + integration calls for impact

✔️ Monthly Guest Speakers (expect speakers like a Cycle Syncing Coach, Astrologist,  Enneagram Expert, and a Sex Expert!)



Meet Coco

Coco Nelson is a Trained Trauma Therapist turned high-level in-person mentor. She is the founder of The Evolved Therapist and the movement into transformational therapeutic experiences. Coco is passionate about changing the healing process and being “the other option.” Disrupting the traditional therapy model and redesigning the healing process with more emphasis on in-person experiential transformation.
By transitioning into the mentorship field Coco has been able to teach, speak and lead others using shadow work, retreats, immersions and groups that support you in the moment versus just one hour every week.
Whether it's through her shadow archetypes quiz that can transform the way you look at your most frustrating behaviors or it’s leading an international retreat with a group of women here to connect, heal and finally release; Coco is shifting the way we heal.

You don’t need to numb yourself or “push through” burnout in order to meet everyone else’s needs before your own.



“I’m actually seeing how my “I Am” stories are changing in my head. I can safely say that I am a better version of myself already - more confident and loving towards myself. This came at a time where I had forgotten who I am. I realized that it is my job to take care of ME and it doesn’t matter what others think, because it is MY story!” 



“Own Your Story is exactly what I needed to begin to re-explore myself - it's given my brain the knowledge it required so I can better understand what my body & heart have been trying to communicate.” 

This is for you if

  • You struggle with connecting with your friends & family
  • You feel you’re missing out on what life could be like & you just want something more
  • You’re sick & tired of feeling isolated & alone and you crave genuine connection from women who understand
  • You need something different than what you’ve done in the past
  • You can’t seem to balance all the roles you play in life

This isn’t for you if

  • Don’t feel safe in sharing in a group setting
  • You’re not ready to shine a light on your past & be brutally honest with yourself
  • You feel grounded & level headed in your emotions
  • You don’t question your capability & worth 
  • You have a strong connection & awareness with your body 
  • You set boundaries with ease