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 "Discover the profound impact of understanding and navigating trauma in leadership roles."

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In a world riddled with economic hardship, rising absenteeism, and wavering team morale, stand out as a beacon of effective leadership. Colleen Nelson offers trauma-informed workshops to boost team cohesion, improve problem-solving, and enhance overall organizational health. With Keynote Masterclasses, workshops and intensives to suit your needs. 

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Common Roadblocks 


Do you often find it difficult to understand or manage unexpected reactions from team members or clients?

Have you noticed patterns of burnout, absenteeism, or reduced productivity in your organization?

Are you seeking ways to create a more supportive, empathetic environment for your team or clients?

Do challenging interactions or misunderstandings with clients or team members lead to lost opportunities or conflicts?

Why trauma-informed Leadership Workshops?

Colleen Nelson's trauma-informed leadership training is meticulously crafted to educate leaders on the pervasive nature of trauma and its profound impact on individuals and organizations.

Drawing from her deep expertise in EMDR and years of hands-on therapy, her trainings provide actionable strategies to navigate, understand, and alleviate the manifestations of trauma.

Key Takeaways


An in-depth understanding of trauma's widespread effects on behavior, performance, and interpersonal dynamics.

Practical tools and approaches to safeguard against secondary trauma, burnout, and overwhelm.

Insights into root causes of trauma-related behaviors, empowering leaders to address issues at their core.

Strategies for effectively directing individuals to appropriate resources and support systems, ensuring both leaders and team members remain protected and nurtured.




Enhanced organizational efficiency and productivity as leaders become more adept at recognizing and addressing trauma-induced challenges.

Significantly reduced staff turnover and absenteeism, resulting in a more stable and resilient workforce.

A holistic and compassionate leadership style that fosters trust, open communication, and overall well-being within the team.


Unlock the Power of Trauma-Informed Leadership

Sample Workshop Topics

Foundations of Trauma


Dive deep into the core of trauma, understanding its roots, manifestations, and the profound effects it has on our brain and nervous system.

This foundational knowledge sets the stage for creating trauma-informed environments.

Trauma Across Arenas

Trauma isn't confined to one setting; it permeates every sphere of our lives.

Explore how trauma manifests in various careers, settings, and environments, and why a holistic understanding is pivotal for leaders in any field.

Protective Measures

Equip yourself with strategies to protect both yourself and those you lead.

Delve into actionable steps that enable leaders to hold space while safeguarding against secondary trauma.

Empower yourself and your team with tools that promote resilience and well-being.

Immediate Interventions

Facing a crisis?

Learn practical, in-the-moment techniques tailored to address immediate trauma responses such as panic attacks, suicidal ideation, and PTSD symptoms.

Develop the skills to intervene effectively and compassionately.

Signature Trauma Treatment Protocol

Introducing Colleen's unique approach — a protocol that draws from her extensive training in EMDR and therapeutic modalities.

Adapt this insightful treatment strategy to your specific profession, ensuring a trauma-informed lens in every interaction.

Invest in Transformative

Leadership workshops

Empower your organization with the invaluable insights and practices of trauma-informed leadership. Choose from a range of offerings tailored to meet your specific needs.




Delve into the essentials of trauma-informed leadership in a captivating session designed to inspire and inform.


Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $500 





Engage in an interactive deep dive, exploring trauma-informed strategies and techniques to enhance your leadership approach.


Duration: 3 hours

Investment: $1500




3-Day Intensive Workshop 


Embark on a transformative journey over three days, immersing in comprehensive trauma-informed practices for lasting organizational impact.


Duration: 4 hours/day

Investment: $5000



Customized sessions and workshops are available upon request. Please reach out for more details.

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What people are saying


"I've had the privilege of sharing the stage with Colleen, watching her captivate audiences with her straightforward knowledge and charisma. Beyond that, she's been an invaluable colleague and confidant, providing me with insightful advice and support. Colleen's inspiration has guided me through moments of uncertainty, and her attentive listening coupled with her willingness to pose tough questions has helped me gain valuable self-perspective. For anyone seeking a passionate and empathetic trauma therapist and somatic healer, Colleen equips you with the tools and courage to reignite your inner fire."


Christopher Lewis

"Dating intelligence Podcast” 

"After attending Colleen's talk at the Junior League, I've had a profound revelation. Her discussion on trauma-informed boundaries was illuminating. It's become clear to me that before setting boundaries with others, it's paramount to establish them within oneself first. Colleen's insight has changed how I approach relationships both personally and professionally. Truly transformative!"





About Colleen


Colleen's passion for understanding trauma's intricate effects began at the University of Colorado Denver. Earning an MA, she deepened ties with the Love and Trauma Center, witnessing first-hand trauma's widespread nature in detox centers, eating disorder hospitals, and college campuses. This exposure underscored the necessity to equip leaders with tools to safeguard against secondary trauma, burnout, and overwhelm – not just for themselves but also for those under their care.


Through Colleen's various online training sessions tailored for coaches, medical professionals, and leadership roles, participants garner invaluable insights. They learn to navigate crisis situations adeptly and understand where to direct individuals for extended support, preventing the unintentional absorption of others' traumas. What sets Colleen apart is the fusion of EMDR training and therapy insights, illuminating the root causes behind behaviors. Coupled with a deep understanding of bodily reactions, she ensures audiences remain engaged, even when diving into the weightier aspects of trauma.

Previous Engagements

A Track Record of Impactful Engagements


Podfest 2023: Served on the mental health panel discussing trauma-related podcast topics.

Junior League of Northern Colorado: Delivered insights on healthy boundaries influenced by trauma understanding.

Red Rocks Community College: Scheduled to lead trauma-informed leadership training for staff and professors in Fall 2023.

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1. *Enhanced Empathy*: Gain a profound understanding of trauma and its effects, fostering deeper empathy and enabling more compassionate interactions in both professional and personal settings.

2. *Effective Communication*: Learn techniques to navigate sensitive conversations, preventing misunderstandings and fostering more productive, trauma-aware discussions.

3. *Reduced Burnout*: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to recognize and manage signs of secondary trauma, leading to improved mental well-being and job satisfaction.

4. *Strengthened Team Dynamics*: Foster a supportive work environment where team members feel understood and valued, resulting in increased collaboration and reduced conflicts.

5. *Strategic Leadership*: Empower leaders with the knowledge and skills to create trauma-informed policies and practices, driving organizational growth and enhancing overall workplace culture.