Colleen Nelson



Meet Colleen Nelson, MA LPC EMDR, a therapist & coach here to shift the traditional model of therapy and expand support and healing into the modern world. Colleen is an evolved therapist committed to growth, change, and the discovery of new and effective healing modalities.


Colleen’s experience began in graduate school at the University of Colorado Denver while volunteering with the Love & Trauma Center working with and training in somatic trauma. After obtaining her Master's in Counseling Psychology it was important to Colleen to get experience in a wide range of community services.


Starting in addiction recovery as a supervisor in a social detox, into a counselor at an eating disorder hospital, as well as an adoption counselor, Colleen has worked with a variety of psychology issues and is well versed in current treatment modalities.

Somatic Trauma Healing


Colleen offers a therapeutic approach to healing trauma with an anchor in evidence based treatment as well as real life experience. Colleen is trained in EMDR, Somatic Release Breathwork, and Containment and Resolution Therapy.


Somatic Trauma Healing targets the body and the mind. This goes beyond traditional talk therapy and offers direct feedback and physical shifts after only a few sessions. Offering 3, 6, or 12 week packages Colleen prioritizes your healing and offers in between session support as well as deep somatic based sessions.


Divorce & Dating Coaching


Colleen offers a comprehensive package for those navigating divorce and dating. Alongside weekly sessions unpacking patterns, re-establishing self trust and clearing old stories you also have day to day support with text and audio messages. Going beyond traditional therapy Colleen addresses the issues that arise in the moment and offers support and advice to help you take action immediately. Colleen also leads a supportive community called The Divorce Collective where women can support one another and attend weekly workshops to continue to learn, grow and rebuild together.

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