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What People Are Saying

I am so glad I scheduled that appointment 4 years ago to see Colleen. There is no amount of words that can give her the praise she deserves or the gratitude I have for all that she has done to help me navigate life's problems. I can honestly say that looking back, I would have never thought this was possible. This inner peace that I truly attribute to Colleen and the work she does. She is not "just a therapist" she truly embodies the definition of a life coach with 0% judgment while doing it. She understands that putting in the work is hard because she has been there in her own life experiences that she not only embraces but empathetically shares. It's not just a "one size fits all" type of experience with Colleen and if you are ready to put in the work, she is right there alongside you ready to put in 110% because she wants you to be, the best you possible.


I chose me and let the rest burn 🔥 thank you Colleen


- Bre

Over five decades of living with constant fear, anxiety and panic. Feeling like the bones just want to explode out of the skin, need to run or take something to make the body stop and calm down and reacting disproportionately to situations. Very little peace or calm on the the inside while showing just that on the outside. Now, that is subsiding and more calm, peace and less anxiety, panic... the stories fading.


- Allison