Coco Nelson



is a Trauma Therapist & Somatic Healer. She is known online as a Somatic Divorce & Dating Coach as well as the founder of The Evolved Therapist and the movement into transformational therapeutic experiences. Coco is passionate about changing the process of healing and being “the other option.”


Disrupting the traditional therapy model and redesigning the healing process with more emphasis on in-person experiential transformation & modalities that use the body to heal the mind. By transitioning into the healing field Coco has been able to teach, speak and lead others using her podcast, creating masterclasses, self-led healing courses, retreats, and community that supports you in the moment versus just in one hour every week.


Whether it's through her “What's the missing link: how your shadow is secretly controlling your life” quiz which can transform the way you look at your most frustrating behaviors or whether it’s leading an international retreat with a group of women here to connect, heal and finally release; Coco is shifting the way we heal.




Coco’s experience began in graduate school volunteering with the Love & Trauma Center and working with training in somatic trauma and containment and resolution therapy. After obtaining her Master's in Counseling Psychology it was important to Coco to get experience in a wide range of community services. Starting in addiction recovery as a supervisor in a social detox, into a counselor at an eating disorder hospital, as well as an adoption counselor, Coco has worked with a variety of psychology issues and is well versed in current treatment modalities.


The core of her work is centered on healing trauma and using somatic-based intervention to treat the body and the mind. Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Containment & Resolution Therapy (somatic experiencing) and Somatic Release Breathwork, Coco brings a unique approach to healing.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado Coco has had a private practice since 2016 and continues to serve her local community with 1:1 therapy and community outreach. Coco is dedicated to educating, speaking, and healing the community so that trauma-based leadership can be the standard of care.


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