Healing Sisterhood Wounds with Ash McDonald

boundaries podcast relationships Aug 08, 2022

Episode Summary:

I’m so honored to have Ash McDonald, mom of three and Holistic Business Coach on the podcast today. Ash is someone who I am immensely inspired by and I can’t wait to bring this conversation to you today. This episode is covering a “Let the Rest Burn moment” for not only Ashley, but for myself, too. You’ll hear how we’ve healed our own sisterhood wounds – wounds that were largely created by me. I know that so many women crave being able to work through the painful experiences that we have with other women. This conversation shows what’s possible for each of your relationships through doing individual work. 

Topics Discussed:

  • What it means to be triggered and inspired by someone at the same time and how to deal with it in a healthy way 
  • How harboring masculine energy can create support, structure, and protection for yourself (but why we need to also lean into the feminine) 
  • About the fawn trauma response, why Colleen felt this within her relationship with Ash and how she worked through it 
  • What Ash disliked about the traditional therapy model and why she turned to holistic business coaching 
  • Ash on the radical responsibility of choosing to support your clients or not when they may have hurt you 
  • How the truth can truly set you free and help you shed any protective armor you may be holding on to 
  • Knowing that forgiveness that isn’t self sacrificing that can be mutually beneficial for all parties and that you always have a choice

Guest Bio

Ash McDonald is a digital nomad, mom of three, and therapist turned business coach for women devoted to doing business differently. With an emphasis on inner healing, energetic calibration and aligned strategy - she has supported hundreds of women to a higher level of aligned success that flows with ease & unlocks true presence and meaning in their lives. She believes abundance is found when we break the generational cycles keeping us stuck & tap into our own intuitive brilliance as our key to the more we all desire.

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