How Retreats Saved My Life

anxiety community identity Oct 17, 2022

Episode Summary:

What would it be like to take a week out of your day-to-day to step away from everything? Now you probably think this is too selfish. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this society's paradigm. But I am here to break the paradigm for you. Today on Let the Rest Burn, we are going way back ten years ago, when I was working as an eating disorder therapist, and soon enough, I felt so devastated by life-changing events. Luckily, I decided to book a yoga retreat trip abroad, which changed my life. I started seeing things more clearly and even niched down my business. Tune in to hear the whole story!

Topics Discussed:

  • How Colleen ended up living with her parents, with no job, no boyfriend, and no purpose for pushing further
  • Acknowledging the importance of a yoga retreat trip to Nicaragua
  • Learning to be okay with the fact that we all need to take a break
  • Introduction to some of Colleen’s future retreat plans 

Connect with Colleen: