Leading Men to a More Fulfilled Life with Tyran Mowbray

identity podcast relationships Sep 19, 2022

Episode Summary:

I’m so excited to have Tyran Mowbray, a men's sex and health mentor, on the show today. Tyran works with men in masculinity, relationships, and sexuality. In this episode, he reveals what led him into a moment of crisis and how it ended up changing the course of his life. Tyran speaks from a deep knowledge of experience and puts himself to the test time and time again to continue to expand and lead men and women towards a more authentic life. This episode left me speechless and I hope you feel the raw energy I felt even over zoom. 

Topics Discussed:

  • What Tyran had to let burn in the process of healing
  • How Tyran’s alter ego impacted his early life
  • The way men's sexuality is shaped in our society, why it is so wrong, and how to change it 
  • The importance of talking about sex 
  • Why we all need to pay more attention to men's mental health awareness
  • How dating after deep work can be challenging and also exhilarating 
  • Navigating the process of meeting your new partner and what it takes to be a king

Guest Bio

Tyran Mowbray is a men's sex and health mentor. He specifically works with men around masculinity, relationships, and sexuality. He merges consciousness, embodiment, and spirituality into easily digestible practical exercises and rituals so that men can bring sacredness and Passion to every area of their lives. He supports men to bring the power of their penetrative force up to their hearts and the divinity and love from the heart down to their Phallus so that they can overcome their unhealthy, immature versions of masculinity and step into the men they always knew they were.

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