Listening to Your Intuition with Money Magic Witch, Charissa Lynn

identity podcast Oct 03, 2022

Episode Summary:

There’s so much that goes into becoming your higher self, it’s easy to focus on the mindset shifts and other mental work that needs to be done – but there’s also a huge physical expansion that could happen. However, none of these shifts can take place if you’re unable to listen to your intuition. Your intuition holds the power to help you decipher what you need to burn to step into your most fulfilled self. Charissa Lynn, physic money business coach, is on Let the Rest Burn today to share her story of leaving full-time teaching to start her own business to empower women to follow their own soul’s calling. I'm honored to have her on the podcast and can’t wait to personally invest in her work. Enjoy! 

Topics Discussed:

  • Deciphering if you’re doing what you want or what others want and overcoming the internal fear of what others may think of you 
  • Why money can be so triggering and how financial fears are passed down between each generation 
  • The things that shifted for Charissa when it comes to how she views and holds money 
  • Burning the idea of being “too much” so that you can fully embrace who you’re supposed to be 
  • Facing the “new level, new devil” thought and overcoming this energetically to expand on your own terms
  • The anxiety that can come with experiencing too much or ease when you reach a higher level 
  • How you can physically change as you evolve into your higher self 

Guest Bio

Charissa Lynn is a psychic and sacred money coach for women in business who resides in London, Ontario with her husband and 3 kids. She recently left her full time teaching career to continue to run her natural vegan aftercare company and to embark on her soul's mission to empower women all over the globe to follow their own soul's calling while creating unlimited wealth, freedom and impact!

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