Overcoming Fear and Breaking Broken Patterns with Kelsey Van Kirk

divorce fear podcast Mar 13, 2022
Overcoming Fear

Episode Summary:

Today on Let the Rest Burn I am joined by a good friend and colleague, Kelsey Van Kirk. Kelsey is a writer, speaker, life coach and host of The Better Life Project and I’m so excited for you to tune into what could be one of many conversations with her. Today we’re diving right into the thick of it as Kelsey shares her story of overcoming fear in order to break the broken patterns in her life that were a result of trauma in her childhood and later on, her marriage. There’s so much to learn from Kesley’s story, I know I am still learning from and inspired by her each day myself. So tune in now and be sure to connect with Kelsey after the episode! 

Topics Discussed:

  • A few of the things Kelsey has had to burn down the past few years and how this has changed Kelsey

  • How fear and abandonment by the men in her life had created Kelsey’s initial belief system

  • The freedom that can be found when we decide to unpack and sift through all of the things that are no longer serving us

  • What exactly trauma bonding is, how it happens, and how we can break the cycle

  • Why Kelsey and Colleen believe that the holistic approach is necessary for complete healing and breaking generational trauma

About Kelsey:

Kelsey Van Kirk is a writer, speaker, life coach and host of The Better Life Project, a popular weekly podcast dedicated to showing women what’s possible and inspiring them to take action to change their lives for the better. Whether you’re looking to start or grow a business, or make changes in any area of your personal life, Kelsey is here to help you unlock the clarity, courage and confidence you need to build the life you want. She and her husband Andrew live in Charleston, SC with their four young daughters and a siamese cat named Coco.

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