When Your Kids Meet Your Ex's New Girlfriend

boundaries divorce podcast relationships Jul 11, 2022

Episode Summary:

Today is a big day in my divorce recovery process, a day that I did not know how I would react to – today my kids are meeting my ex-husband's new girlfriend. I feel so many things and I'm trying to hold the space for each emotion. Usually I pivot out of pain pretty quickly without letting myself feel the emotions I need to feel, but today I’m trying to do something different. So I thought we could walk through this together in case you’re navigating through divorce, too on today’s episode of Let the Rest Burn. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Being intentional about letting yourself feel the emotions you need to feel without projecting them onto your children
  • The first emotion that Colleen felt after learning her children would be meeting her ex’s new girlfriend
  • What to do with past baggage and experiences that may come with knowing your ex’s new partner
  • Moving through the grief and anger of having to constantly adjust boundaries and relationships with your ex
  • Learning to be okay with the fact we will miss out on some parts of our kids lives 
  • Why you must hold space to hold all of you all at once and then learn to “sit in the yuck”

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