Why We HATE Asking for Help

Feb 27, 2023

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let Rest the Burn. Today we are finishing our series on healing with the ULTRA INDEPENDENT archetype – focusing on why asking for help when we need it can be the hardest thing to do. The ULTRA INDEPENDENT archetype is often characterized by a deep sense of self-reliance and an unwillingness to ask for help. That is why it's essential to recognize that there are times when asking for help is necessary and can be beneficial. I am here to help you challenge your beliefs around asking for help and recognize that it's okay to reach out to others for support. So listen in and share with your community!


Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction to the new, evolved podcast format coming next month
  • Why we hate asking for help and how to do it anyway
  • Recognizing the importance of asking for help in a relationship
  • Coco’s own struggle with the ULTRA INDEPENDENT in a relationship and how this affected her everyday life
  • How to recognize the signs you might not be doing great in doing all the things alone
  • The importance of teaching how to heal in the community
  • Introduction to the March episode topics and new shadow archetype – The People Pleaser




Connect with Coco: 

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