Cycle Chicks with Emily Palacios and Stephanie LoVerde

anxiety community relationships Apr 24, 2023

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Trigger Warning:

In this episode, we discuss topics such as suicidal ideation versus suicidal intent and the true nature of getting support during these moments. If you or anyone you know are currently struggling with any of these thoughts, please contact the national text support line at 741 741 for 24/7 support.

Episode Summary:

Hello and welcome back to Let the Rest Burn with The Evolved Therapist. I am thrilled to be joined today by two amazing women, Emily Palacios and Stephanie LoVerde, who are the hosts of the Cycle Chats Podcast. Their show is about empowering millennial women to challenge societal norms and redefine what it means to be a woman in today's world. As we dive into our conversation today, I want to acknowledge that these discussions often bring up strong emotions. I find that tears are a natural part of many of these conversations, whether due to the depth of feeling involved or the vulnerability of the topic. And today, as Emily and Stephanie share their personal stories with us, expect to experience both. So get ready to be moved and inspired as we hear from these two incredible women. As always, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on today's episode.


Topics Discussed:

  • The exciting story of how Stephanie and Emily met
  • How mutual patience and understanding impacted their friendship early on
  • How best friends can also be successful business partners
  • Stephanie’s heartfelt story about her anxiety disorder
  • Understanding the difference between suicidal intent and suicidal ideation
  • The importance of feeling safe and connected 
  • What Stephanie and Emily had to let burn to rise into their full selves
  • Emily’s heartbreaking story about her feelings regarding Stephanie’s depression and what a true friendship should look like




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