You are not impossible to heal.


You're just missing a piece of the puzzle -




Boundaries are at the heart of every single moment of growth and transformation in life. 


The more you can get clear on what you want and how you want it the easier it is for those who love you to show up and give you what you need.


To get the results (a healthy relationship, an amazing career, peace & ease, wealth, & overall happiness) you need strong boundaries


And it starts with you taking the first step



taking every one of those affirmation statements, inspiring quotes, new podcasts, and life altering books…

and actually FEELING the way those resources tell you that you should. 


Imagine walking out of a breathwork session or one of our group calls


& actually feeling lighter, more peaceful, and finally having clarity on why you haven't been able to shift.


Your friendships become more real & raw, you feel people come towards you, want to spend time with you, you don't have to sacrifice your time to meet their busy schedule, instead they are making time without having to be asked.


Your relationships are full of passion and depth, hard conversations are navigated with ease and without the past circles of fighting and silent treatments.


You are excited to see each other and giddy with future possibilities. 

You love who you are and how you are living your life.


Your inner voice is stronger, wiser and being louder. You know that this is the start of a whole new you. A you that is aligned, self-validated and growing toward a life that is worth reflecting on.


THIS is the result of strong boundaries.

Introducing - 

A 12 week group circle to heal your trauma stories, recalibrate your nervous system, and do life side by side with a supportive group of women who understand what you’re going through.


✔️ Learn to communicate without pushing people away

✔️ Know which people deserve what boundary and why

✔️ Heal the original wounds around boundaries 

✔️ Find inner self-worth as you trust yourself again

✔️ Discover that boundaries enhance your relationships not hurt them

✔️ Uncover your truth and how to speak it effectively 

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  • 1-1 Thearaputic attention in an intimate small group setting
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings to share your experiences, insights and breakthroughs
  • Feedback and support from members going through their own transformative process
  • Monthly Guest Speakers on various topics, 
  • Telegram thread for in-the-moment connection and guidance w/ members of the Inner Circle

Boundaries programming 

Month 1

Boundaries with Self


1. What is a boundary?

2. Developing Self Trust

3. Stop the Shame cycle

4. Reclaiming your body

Month 2

Boundaries with others


  1. Speaking truth 
  2. Friendships & Boundaries 
  3. Sex & intimacy 
  4. Family evolution and how to reparent yourself

Month 3

Boundaries with the world


  1. Social Media & overstimulation
  2. Balance your time
  3. Money, Careers & Business
  4. Community Standards

The Inner Circle offers a safe, supportive space for you to connect with your deepest self + experience real transformation.


This is the

Inner Circle

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Meet Coco


Host of the Inner Circle. She's a Trained Trauma Therapist turned Somatic Healer and mentor. With 15 years of experience as a trauma therapist, she’s realized the limitations of traditional talk therapy. With her expertise in healing the body + mind connection, she’s created this space for women to take on this journey of radical transformation, with tangible tools and actual results. With a community that is here for the real, raw connections + accountability, and a new way of healing.

No longer are we forced to talk behind closed doors and feel alone in our pain.


The Inner Circle shows you that you aren’t alone and that there is a solution. Life can get better, and that solution can be yours.


Meet our amazing speaker lineup

Kari Russel

Details coming soon!


Cosmic Queen

Details coming soon!



Details coming soon!


Still unsure if the Inner Circle is for you? Here’s some guidance



  • You’re looking for women who aren’t afraid of the ugly truth, but also aren’t stuck in their pain all the time.
  • You’re tired of the small talk and crave deeper connection
  • You’re seeking guidance and support from a trauma-trained professional
  • You’re tired of hearing the same healing methods over & over and you want a new approach.
  • You’re ready to feel different & see the change in your life happen RIGHT NOW



  • You’re satisfied where you’re at in life and don’t crave depth in your relationships.
  • You’re only seeking 1-1 support
  • You want to heal alone or are interested in self-led growth.
  • You want to stay on the surface & prefer not to share your deeper feelings with others
  • You don’t need support from others and are comfortable being alone


Frequently Asked Questions

What people have to say


What is the most inspiring piece of this work for you? 


"How supportive, caring, accessible the other women were/are. Learning that I am not my reactions to the world. The understanding that unbalance in life is created by so much more than setting boundaries with work hours. Knowing I can continue this work and will continue to see benefits outside of the 90 days."

- Lindsey

“I’ve lived over five decades with constant fear, anxiety and panic. Feeling like the bones just want to explode out of my skin, like I need to run — or take something — to make the body stop and calm down, always reacting disproportionately to situations. Very little peace or calm on the inside, while showing just that on the outside. Now, those feelings are subsiding and I’m more calm, and at peace with less anxiety and panic... the stories are fading.”


“Colleen has provided the help and support I spent decades looking for.  She comes from a place of love and compassion, and creates a safe space free of judgement or conflict.  She provides deep insight, demonstrates a self of peace and calm and provides ground for accountability and healing. Not just a clinical sounding board, Colleen is mulit-faceted, and helped me with all aspects of my being — mental, emotional, spiritual, and somatic. I am still alive, and now living my life without constant fear and worry, anxiety, panic, and dissociation, with regular jumps from one crisis to the next.”

— I.G.

“After meeting with Colleen, I feel like I understand why I do what I do, and I actually know how to make changes that last. Instead of trying to be a different person, I finally learned how to accept who I am and LOVE her. I can now look myself in the mirror and say “You are enough!” and mean it!”

— Lindsey

Release the narratives holding you back, while creating bonds that will last a lifetime