Hello I’m Colleen, therapist turned coach & guide...


A light in the darkness and a stable anchor in the storm. Through direct guidance and somatic based tools, I will help you reset and feel grounded during and post divorce.


to truly feel like yourself again.


Whether you are here to gain clarity, reset or evolve you will walk away with more clarity and understanding than 6 months of traditional talk therapy.





Hear from Coco


Where we begin

We are all at a different place in our healing journey, which is why I’ve created multiple options that best fit you. Whether you need a few sessions for clarity or you want a deep dive and upgrade your whole nervous system. The elevation sessions are here to elevate your capacity for fulfillment, Joy and growth.

My philosophy


Whether it's a past trauma, a breakup or a phobia,


this kind of approach gives you tools and resources immediately to find clarity and feel different. 

In traditional talk therapy, healing comes from holding a safe space for you to process and talk through your challenges

....leaving you in the driver's seat and responsible for finding your own solutions. Therapists provide a safe space, tools, and validation to help you find your answers from within. 


Although this is powerful...


I believe it to be cyclical and oftentimes leaves clients stuck or feeling like they repeat themselves weekly without real change.

Somatic healing & therapeutic coaching gets right to the heart of the root cause and begins using the body & the brain to change your reactions, triggers and overall experience in your body.

This brings your reactions into the present and out of the past. 


You are updating your nervous system to match your actual environment, not the one you were raised in. 


Although you know better and you understand the why, have you still felt just...



Your body is meant to protect you from threats but what happens when there is no threat anymore but the alarm bells are still ringing? 


That's where I come in. It needs to be released so you can FEEL different


This is why I use EMDR & Somatic Release Breathwork as well as multiple other somatic healing modalities to help clear and release trauma from your nervous system. This brings your reactions into the present and out of the past. Let's get you moving into action

so you can FEEL the change now.

My Tools


What is EMDR?


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a therapeutic treatment modality that addresses the trauma stored in your body. Through the use of bilateral stimulation (eye movements, auditory or tactile) you move the memory from a sensation to only information. This decreases the physical triggers and symptoms of PTSD significantly. www.emdria.org


What is Somatic Release Breathwork?


Somatic Breathwork employs circular connected breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional release. This release may be in the form of moving, shaking, yelling, crying, or laughing. The nature of the breath cycle itself allows for the release of emotion stored or stuck in the body.


What is somatic healing?


Somatic healing is healing through the body with multiple modalities and methods that help you heal subconscious and conscious pain, trauma and emotion stuck in the body. This allows for mindset work and new belief systems to shift and change within your life and integrate into your day to day. 



My three coaching packages




  • 3 potent weekly sessions to get actionable change and a plan for what needs to shift now. 
  • Daily accountability and check ins through a secure messaging system
  • Focus on what steps need to be taken now to gain insight and clarity moving forward
  • stabilize and anchor into the present moment with somatic tools and direct actionable guidance





  • 6 weekly sessions to specifically target your core struggles & retblize your nervous system 
  • A combination of integrative sessions and direct guidance that leaves you feeling different after just one session
  • A secure messaging thread to release and debrief in between sessions leaving those times for specific targeted interventions.





  • 12 weekly sessions designed to deep dive into your nervous system and update your reactions and responses into the present moment
  • Major shifts in your overall fulfillment, connections and ability to move through challenges.
  • A combination of integrative sessions and direct guidance that leaves you feeling different after just one session
  • A telegram or Voxer thread to release and debrief in between sessions leaving those times for specific targeted interventions.



What clients are saying

Over five decades of living with constant fear, anxiety and panic. Feeling like the bones just want to explode out of the skin, need to run or take something to make the body stop and calm down and reacting disproportionately to situations. Very little peace or calm on the the inside while showing just that on the outside. Now, that is subsiding and more calm, peace and less anxiety, panic... the stories fading.


- Allison

I am so glad I scheduled that appointment 4 years ago to see Colleen. There is no amount of words that can give her the praise she deserves or the gratitude I have for all that she has done to help me navigate life's problems. I can honestly say that looking back, I would have never thought this was possible. This inner peace that I truly attribute to Colleen and the work she does. She is not "just a therapist" she truly embodies the definition of a life coach with 0% judgment while doing it. She understands that putting in the work is hard because she has been there in her own life experiences that she not only embraces but empathetically shares. It's not just a "one size fits all" type of experience with Colleen and if you are ready to put in the work, she is right there alongside you ready to put in 110% because she wants you to be, the best you possible. I chose me and let the rest burn 🔥 thank you Colleen


- Bre


“I’m actually seeing how my “I Am” stories are changing in my head. I can safely say that I am a better version of myself already - more confident and loving towards myself. This came at a time where I had forgotten who I am. I realized that it is my job to take care of ME and it doesn’t matter what others think, because it is MY story!”