Stay Within Your Dating Lane with Christopher Louis

podcast relationships Apr 10, 2023

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Episode Summary:

Hello, and welcome back to Let the Rest Burn with The Evolved Therapist. Today I am honored to have Christopher Louis on my podcast. Christopher is a dating advisor and has been coaching individuals in the art of navigating their way to success in their relationships. If you’re a listener of the podcast, you and I both know that dating can be challenging, but effective strategies can make all the difference – this is where Christopher steps in with his rich experience in the dating world. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of getting clear on what you want in a relationship, setting healthy boundaries, and practicing effective communication. This episode is for you if you are trying to find the right person or trying to navigate or grow in your relationship. Tune in for more insights, and step into the dating and relationship world with greater ease and confidence.


Topics Discussed:

  • What Christopher had to let burn to rise into his full self
  • The benefits of removing your ego and ways to let it go
  • The importance of encouraging men to embrace their femininity in a relationships
  • What exactly a dating coach does do to help you navigate relationships
  • Finding and  staying in your dating lane
  • What to do when you feel you are at a crossroads in your relationship
  • Christopher’s advice to people dating vs. people wanting to grow in their relationship
  • Why it is essential to know the reason you are dating


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