The True Path to a Life of Meaning with Bevin Farrand "Take the DAMN Chance"

May 22, 2023

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Trigger Warning:

These episodes may contain content that is triggering for some listeners; please review the description and or show notes in order to know if this episode is right for you at this time.

Episode Summary:

Hello, and welcome back to Let the Rest Burn with The Evolved Therapist. I am thrilled to have a very special guest today, Bevin Farrand, a podcast host and the visionary behind the empowering Take The DAMN Chance Movement. Bevin's story is nothing short of extraordinary, filled with deep emotions, and her wisdom and energy are truly remarkable. Get ready for an insightful journey as we dive into Bevin's inspiring narrative and uncover the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way. Through her experiences of taking the DAMN chance, gracefully navigating challenging situations, tapping into inner knowing, and creating a meaningful manifesto, Bevin guides us toward discovering our true path to a life of meaning and fulfillment. So, get ready to unleash your transformative power, and remember - within you lies the ability to create a life that truly resonates with your soul. So, let's dive right in!


Topics Discussed:

  • Introducing Bevin and her true path to a life of meaning
  • Unveiling the Take The DAMN Chance Movement
  • How to handle tough situations with grace and creativity
  • Recognizing the power of asking for help
  • Bevin's journey as a solo mom and breaking barriers
  • The power of inner knowing and finding a life of meaning
  • The importance of creating a manifesto
  • How our nervous system responds to trauma
  • What the Pad Method is, and how to empower yourself in challenging situations
  • The importance of taking action against fear
  • The significance of engaging in non-threatening experiences
  • Discover the most effective approaches to cultivate and support a healthy and vibrant nervous system
  • How to hold yourself in the space of the unknown


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