The Wounded Child and The Body

boundaries identity podcast Jan 09, 2023

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Episode Summary:

Hello, and welcome to The Let the Rest Burn. I am starting the year with our first shadow archetype - The Wounded Child. Firstly, we must comprehend how essential it is to deepen our understanding of the Wounded Child's purpose. The Wounded Child wants to recreate childhood patterns to change the ending. She wants to be loved differently, and she wants it now. Healing this piece of your story is crucial to moving through all the other parts of your shadow. Make sure you stick until the end of the episode, as I will cover the stigma around our bodies, eating disorders, physical movement, and pleasure. 

Topics Discussed:

  • The first shadow archetype of the twelve - The Wounded Child 
  • How The Wounded Child shows up in your body, and what are the connected feelings 
  • The importance of understanding the link between experiences of joy, love, pain, grief, and sorrow
  • How your body keeps you informed and safe
  • The importance of focusing on your body with no distractions around you
  • Insights into Colleen’s professional experience with eating disorders
  • Understanding the trauma around physical movement in our culture
  • Why it is so essential to permit yourselves to have a relationship with your body
  • Understanding the importance of giving your body the pleasure it needs


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