This is not just therapy, it’s EVOLVED therapy.


It’s next-level potent expansion. With my trauma therapy expertise we will dig deep into the why behind your patterns and body responses to truly shift from the inside out. With my direct and unfiltered approach I will activate you to embody the change and shift your energy without needing to over process or unpack it all.

With my unwavering presence I will hold space for you to feel it ALL and fully arrive in your own potent power and speak truth into your life, your relationships and your business.

What I do:

The Hybrid Method


The Hybrid Method is a combination of therapy and coaching.
This method is a deep, healing and EMDR certified embodiment practice combined with direct, expansive quantum leaping activation.
This is the missing link between the coaching mentorship and traditional therapy.

This is the place you

invest in yourself and in your

business at the same time

Unpacking, clearing and deepening your healing practice while also taking action and reaching new limitless potential.


As a leader you want a therapist that understands the word of energetics and expansion as well as a coach who can go deep and shift your body alongside your new found consciousness.

This is the next level of mentorship. Depth & Activation.


Who I work with:

I am exclusive with who I work with now in order to protect the container I have for each client I bring in, and for this reason 1:1 spots are limited.

My energetic capacity is attuned and aligned with what will cultivate the most potent and magnetic work we will do together.


I want to find clients that are ready

to be activated and feel a HELL YES,

when they make the investment in

themselves and in their business.


I have many workshops, masterclasses and smaller masterminds to get a taste of the work I do and the potency I bring into the space available in The Vault.


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A few ways to work with me are:

Self Lead Programs
3 x 1:1 Sessions
The Business Vortex