Unlocking Deeper Connections Through Listening with Joe Pardavila

Jul 10, 2023

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Trigger Warning:

These episodes may contain content that is triggering for some listeners; please review the description and or show notes in order to know if this episode is right for you at this time.

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let the Rest Burn with The Evolved Therapist. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Joe Pardavila, a prominent figure in the world of podcasting and radio. With a career spanning over ten thousand hours of audio content, Joe has an incredible story to share. We dive deep into his remarkable transition from radio stardom to podcasting and explore the challenges, triumphs, and surprises he encountered along the way. Join us as Joe shares the sacrifices he made to pursue his podcasting passion, recounting the personal and professional hurdles he overcame to achieve his current level of success. But that's not all; we also explore the transformative power of curiosity in the art of listening. This enlightening episode is not to be missed, so tune in now and immerse yourself in Joe's captivating story. Get ready to unlock the power of curiosity and become an exceptional listener.


Topics Discussed:

  • Joe's journey from radio stardom to podcasting and the contrasts between the two
  • What sacrifices Joe had to to make during his career change
  • Understanding the power of being yourself
  • The importance of granting permission to people to show up as they are
  • Why curiosity is significant in listening
  • The three stages of healing as a path to personal transformation
  • Decoding society's fascination with labels and gender identity
  • How fear is transmitted from generation to generation
  • How to demonstrate love and appreciation
  • Unraveling the trauma within the hidden toll of busyness
  • The significance of intentionality in adult friendships
  • How to unlock success through self-awareness




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