Its time


Time to reclaim that light in your eyes


Time to take the steps to move forward & begin a new dream.

One where you control the ending. 

One that leaves you anchored in truth and open to new possibilities.


Barely treading water, trying to keep it all together, not wanting to slip and sink to the bottom.

The fear of losing it, succumbing to the chaos, drowning in the unknown..


You may be in therapy, you may have friends who have been there… but they can’t be there are 3am when you can’t sleep from stress


You can’t call your therapist when you struggle to get out of bed, and know that this day may be harder than the last.

We have good news though!

We've made something for you...


This course is like your life raft, your go-to when you just can’t keep swimming. 


You can press play at any time and hear support, tools and real answers immediately.


This is how you rebuild. 

You stay afloat, you allow yourself to rest, and you see the island up ahead. 


I know there is so much information out there, and so many opinions about what you should do, and how you should do it… It's overwhelming.

We are here to be your guides.


One therapist. One man.

One woman. 


The ones holding the light in the darkness.

We have travelled this road (sometimes more than once) and we know the way back home.


The way back home to a version of yourself that you recognize again. 


A relationship with yourself that is full, awake, and alive. 

Are you feeling exhausted, burned out, and full of overwhelm... Even with the simplest tasks?


Do you get stuck just thinking about what is your next step? 


Are the what if’s circling over and over in your head without a stop in sight?

Here is the deal. 


This is hard. 

This is a really hard time.


But you don't have to do it alone. 

You are not alone.

We are here to guide you every day for the next 90 days ... 


You can rebuild and we have the tools to show you how.


Back to a happier, healthier, wealthier, YOU!

This is for

you if: 


→ You are thinking about a divorce and want to know what to expect and how to get through it


→ You are in the middle of a separation and are trying to find your next step


→ You are divorced and rebuilding your life, and you want support along the way


 You are years into divorce and now you realize its time to do the work and shift your life

We see you... We were you… We are you. 


I felt so lost during my divorce process and all I wanted was a step-by-step guide and some real honest TRUTH about what I could expect.


I wanted someone on the other side to tell me how they found love again, recovered financially, and rebuilt their self-esteem and trust back..


I need a moment to rest and actually decide what next step to take… but I felt like I was drowning… 


I needed a life raft to just hold me up while I recalibrated and began to rebuild. 


I needed a daily reminder that this will get better. 


This course is designed to do exactly that...

What's inside:

Who we are: 


An entrepreneur, A therapist, A producer, all different stories and different experiences… but with one thing in common.. A desire to grow


A man, A mother, A woman all navigating divorce and how to rebuild the dreams we once had for our futures…


A person who was left, A person who chose to leave, A person who decided with her partner to part ways…

Hey I'm Ryan


A divorced dad, entrepreneur, and Modern Man. 


→ Here to guide you through one of the most difficult times in your life. 


→ I've been there and I was shocked at how little support and valid information there was for men out there on the web.


→ While going through my divorce, I made a decision that when I got to the other side I would invest in solid, REAL resources to not only help but also guide any man going through this experience. 



In my quest for clarity and understanding I serendipitously ran into Colleen, and this project really started to materialize. 

Hello I'm Colleen


A mother, trauma therapist, divorce coach, and fellow divorcee who has devoted my time post divorce to helping others navigate the challenging roads ahead. 


I went through my own divorce process over the last 4 years and I am grateful for those that went through it giving me reinforcement and guidance about what REALLY to expect.

Talking to people that truly "got it” made the lonely nights easier and the circling questions less intense. I now take this knowledge I gained as a therapist and as a divorcee out into the world to help others navigate this process with integrity and the right mindset.  


I lead my clients through a discovery of self integration, and a healing journey that reclaims your right to joy, love and true peace.


I own a private practice, online coaching business and host international therapeutic retreats.

Hi I'm Sara


I'm an actor, artist, and entrepreneur. I've been married twice and now happily engaged! In this book, I'm going to be referencing more of my second divorce. Keeping names and identities private, this divorce was far more intricate with many more lessons that I believe will help anyone else feeling stuck, lonely, hurt, and questioning their own decisions and mindset. 


My first divorce was incredibly healthy (as healthy as a divorce can be, perhaps). I only wish that everyone had a divorce like this, should you be at that breaking point. However, not all divorces end that way. Sometimes we need to close our own circles, take charge and remove the human cancers that have presented themselves in our lives. 


I share my portion from a very honest and vulnerable perspective of what I have experienced, which is completely my side and my story to share. Every intention behind my voice is to share light for those who might be on a similar path, so that you can find your own way back to freedom, healthier, wealthier and happier than ever.

What you can expect from this course…


This is a 90 day support system

A 90 day journey back into the most important relationship you can have.. The one with yourself. 


Every day you will have 3 videos (one from Sara, Ryan and Colleen) covering a different topic you will encounter throughout the divorce journey. 



Take it one day at a time.

Binge them all.

Pop around to whats relevant.

Save it for the tough days where you feel lost. 



With each week you will feel more alive, more grounded and more aware of whats to come. 


Therapeutic tools, real life experience and honest truth telling about what this actually is about. 


You will feel transformed, seen, and finally not alone.



Buy now for $97!

Start your journey back to a FULL self today..