As a divorce and Dating Coach Colleen Nelson uses her expertise and background in therapy and trauma to help you navigate the difficult moments from contemplating divorce to the new world of dating. With real in the moment feedback through text/audio support AND in depth weekly sessions Colleen will be the anchor in the storm as you navigate each step of the journey. As a divorced mom of two, Colleen gets it and also has been through it. The combination of therapeutic support and realize lived experience gives you a coach you never knew you needed. 


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The Divorce Collective


The most challenging parts of divorce life and beyond is the moments alone.


  • The times when you need support and you cant take one more step on your own.
  • The advice from people who have been there and professionals who can see beyond the crisis.
  • The place you go to not be judged but embraced for the complex and intense emotions you are feeling

The divorce collective is a monthly membership community of women that support one another as well as learn from Colleen’s weekly workshops and Q & A sessions.


A place to share and connect but also learn and grow.


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A Blueprint For Divorce

This is a self-led course with three daily videos from me as well as two others to share their divorce perspectives to get you back on your feet wherever you may be on your divorce journey - this will help. 
Think of “Blueprint for Divorce” as A Therapist in your pocket to get you through the next 90 days of your divorce journey without feeling like you’re losing your mind At the end of the 90 days - You’ll feel better prepared for what’s to come and be well on your way to integrating what’s happening. 
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