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What's in there?

- Professional Advice from Colleen Nelson MA LPC, a licensed therapist and coach
- Weekly Workshops on topics crucial to navigating divorce and dating
- A Supportive Community of women who understand your journey
- Tools and Resources to empower your personal growth and healing.


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A supportive community


We're (almost) ready to meet you with open arms where YOU'RE at on your divorce journey. With guided chats, connection points and so much more!

Advice done RIGHT


Having a professional in your corner who's not only been there but leads other through as well is priceless. This is another layer bringing your healing to the top of your to-do list.

Workshops that matter to YOU


Think topics like 'Is/was My Ex Gaslighting Me?', 'What About The Children In Divorce', Sex and Dating Post Divorce, When Are You (really) Ready? And SO much more!

 Colleen is the absolute best person to usher you through your divorce recovery - I know she was for me. Her mixture of intuition, wicked smarts, and tough love is exactly what I needed to help me heal, transform, and start stepping into my new life. I have created a life I absolutely love now, and I credit it 100% to the guidance I got from Colleen & the loving support inside our little community.

-Kelsey M

Having Colleen’s guidance and a community of women was critical in surviving my divorce, and thriving beyond it! I was supported throughout the entire process: from the scariest early days and the legal hurdles, to rebuilding my career and life 2.0, to navigating dating again – all while being the best possible Mom for my children. (With the reassurance that yes, the kids will be alright.) I laughed, I cried, I felt supported, understood, and decidedly not alone. I can’t recommend Colleen’s warmth, guidance, and expertise enough!

-Michalea P

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