Why You Keep Chasing the Money (plus resources for your wounded inner child)

inner child money podcast Jan 16, 2023

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Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let the Rest Burn, today we are continuing our work and healing within the wounded child series, so be sure to listen to the past two weeks of the show if you haven’t already! In this episode, we're talking about why the inner wounded child has us continuing to chase money and why our resources and our ability to use and connect to or be comfortable with money gets affected by the wounded inner child. I’ll be taking things back to your childhood to share how you can heal the story and narratives that affect how you feel about giving, making, and receiving money. Plus, I’m sharing other resources that you can put into practice so that you can thrive economically without feeling a sense of doubt, insecurity, or unhappiness. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding how your nervous system impacts the human experience of earning, spending, and receiving money 
  • Knowing that money isn’t bad or corrupt, it’s the people who are handling it 
  • Seeing your core wounds with money and allowing yourself to heal so that you can enjoy and receive money 
  • Remembering that money is a construct and you’re allowed to make this mean whatever you want to you 
  • How holding space for yourself will allow you to be the adult you needed and reorient your inner child


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