The Wounded Child in Relationships with my Ex Husband Mike Nelson

divorce inner child relationships Jan 23, 2023

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Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let the Rest Burn. Today I have a special guest - Mike Nelson. He is my former partner and my fantastic co-parent. You have heard me talk about our life together in previous episodes, so I realized he would be the best person to talk to about the wounded child in relationships. We have been together for a long time and have navigated our marriage, our divorce, and co-parenting together, so I wanted you to hear about his side of experience, too. This conversation is for everyone married or going through a marriage struggle or a divorce - you will definitely relate. So keep listening to hear our thoughts on this vulnerable topic and more.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Mike is navigating post-divorce and co-parenting as a single parent
  • Colleen’s and Mike’s brief but honest relationship history
  • How and when their wounded child showed up in their own relationship
  • Why being treated like a child in a relationship is unhealthy
  • The importance of recognizing how addiction and not being present can impact the relationship
  • The real struggles of being a co-parent
  • Mike’s message to his five-year-old self


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